Sunday, January 3, 2010

Addicted Facebook

Status: Farmville now that online games are most popular among teenagers?

They are very fond of this game are willing to overlook a laptop computer for hours only ever played Farmville in the most popular social web site, Facebook.

Interestingly this game when players such as farmers in the virtual real.

They need to keep farming and crops can be harvested before or cited in a particular time period, if not access this game, plants will die.

Not only that, after getting results in the form of money, they can buy more land area and planting more crops. There are plants that can be harvested or harvested in two, four or eight hours or several days.

Hence among the players, some who are willing to wake up at midnight only to ensure the crops intact.

Farmville addition, there are over 100 online games in Facebook. Among Quiz, Friends For Sale, Country Story, City Restaurant, Pet Mafia War and Society.

Pet Society

It is also popular games on Facebook. The game asks us to create pet by choosing color, shape, face and clothes. Then each animal will be named. Then Bermainlah the pet is.

Restaurant City

Games themed food preparation is really great and interesting. No wonder if this game becomes known by millions of fans around the world.

Built PlayFish company, Restaurant City provides a fun game to manage their own restaurants. With the graphics look attractive and cute, players can create their own character, modifying either the restaurant or outside, to appoint a friend as Facebook employees at the restaurant and create a variety of recipes using various materials.

Then, it's up to players to make a restaurant favored visitors. For those who wish to open a restaurant or cafe, they can use these skills to play City Restaurant.

Country Story

Story Country game company that built PlayFish also not less seronoknya. The game allows players to own and maintain their own farms by planting various crops and maintain livestock animals such as chickens and cattle.

Can also decorate with various types of farm goods. Believe it or not, we can steal crops in the farm partners. Intention to complete the requested villagers.

World Cafe

Another provision of food-themed game company Zynga built. Restaurant concept with the City, but how the game a little different. Chef to prepare food by selecting recipes available. Cooked food should be provided immediately.

If over a period of time prescribed, the food will be 'damaged' or stale and must be prepared again. Then, we can rent a server to be Facebook friends cafe. We can also purchase various types of furniture and decorative items to be placed in the cafe.

Island Paradise

This is also a favorite game on Facebook. May not be popular among consumers. Games that allow us to cultivate its own on the island by planting various crops, livestock and the raising of animals decorate the island with various types of jewelry.

Raise the level of players to get more types of jewelry and advantages for growing crops and the raising of animals to achieve the very high.

Games that built this company Meteor may not be as great Farmville, Paradise Island, but appear with different look and concept, in which we try and keep the island as the island made our dreams.


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